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MARC Functions

Entrepreneurial Activities

  • Entrepreneur(s) in Residence

    • New Ventures program implementation

    • Recruitment and training of mentorship network to support across the board entrepreneurial activities

    • Input where appropriate in development and/or enhancement of boot camp or entrepreneurial curriculum for both the MSEC and Computer Science PhD programs

    • Support for New Ventures teams upon selection along with that provided by STAR Park administrative and student workers

    • Integration with the Innovation-Corps program

    • Other duties as assigned

Research and Academic Innovation

  • MARC Fellow (1 FTE, may be divided into multiple positions less than 1 FTE)

    • Up to a 12-month appointment (may be two scholars each on ½ year sabbatical)

    • Goal is to select world class scientists with outstanding experience in creating multi-disciplinary research programs

    • Scholar(s) would have up to 12 months to participate in developing a novel and leading research initiative which could either significantly enhance existing university initiatives or set the stage for new efforts

    • Scholar would be responsible for offering at least one significant symposium for the university community reflecting their field(s) of expertise and one or more sharing the recommendations developed through their appointment

  • Innovator in Residence

    • An individual having held a high level position in industry, nonprofit research institutions/foundations or federal research organizations

    • Individuals could come from one or more of the following: “loaned executive” from a large corporation; an individual in transition having recently left their previous position; or an individual having retired from a senior position within the previous 24 months.

Technical Support Structure

  • New Technical staff (Technical Operations Manager)

    • Primary responsibility for STAR One and technology demonstration projects conducted at STAR Park (50% FTE)

    • Advanced Prototyping Research Service Center support (50% FTE)

  • PHD student support: 6 new DA positions funded by MARC which will rotate between all MARC funded activities

  • Two Undergraduate student workers targeted for STAR Park. Additional Undergraduate and MS student support desired from budget

  • Administrative support provided by partial reassignment of current MSEC staff and where appropriate STAR Park administrative staff.

  • Advanced Prototyping Research Service Center

    • STAR Park Technical Operations Manager (50% FTE)

    • Graduate student and undergraduate positions budgeted from MARC

  • Maintain the shared equipment repair and maintenance fund operation, and continues the funding of facility use for courses emphasizing student experiential learning.